How To Homeschool When You Feel Lost

Have you been pushed into homeschooling but don’t know where to start?

I had always kept homeschooling as an option in the back of my mind from the time I was pregnant with my first baby. It was non-negotiable to my husband- all of our children would go to public school. Homeschooling was NOT an option to him.

Baby #1 came along and far too quickly she was ready for preschool. It was the best experience a family could have asked for! It also made us so thrilled for kindergarten. Then time for kindergarten crept up on us. We did all the memorable things that we thought would make this an exciting experience for her- school supplies shopping, a school tour, meeting the teacher, a first day of school party. 

For a little while, it was good. Until it wasn’t. By the third month of kindergarten, our sweet, happy, funny, eccentric 5 year old was terrified of school- hiding under the bed refusing to go, shut down during class time, and the joy of learning was stripped away. We found out she was being bullied- traumatized- by her teacher. After several days of no support or cooperation from the principal or teacher, we pulled her out of school and registered her as a homeschooler. It’s a choice I will never regret making because our learning have been so full of joy and adventure.

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